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You never will play in the same maze!

Here is Blind Mazes, a mobile game where you have to escape from this evil breathing maze. Try a smooth easy control and focus on find the right way to leave the place.  Swipe your finger in the direction where you want your character move and let it go until you need to make a decision again. Unlock all the stages and collect the 132 stars! Take care of your time or your friendly cube will dissapear.

These are some of the main features that make up for the game:​

  • Smooth and intuitive control, your character will do the hard part of movement, just tell it where you want it to go, so you can concentrate on solve the maze.

  • Procedural levels. With random level generation there are no two playthroughs alike. Every level is new and increasingly more challenging.

  • Sometimes you can't see the whole maze, you have to discover the way while the maze builds itself.

  • Insanely addictive. The main purpose in Blind Mazes is to go as far as possible and conquer each world. Frustratingly-addictive gaming experience.



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